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Galapagos International Academy

                  A Westwind Community School

Our high school courses (International Volunteering and academic offerings) are sponsored by Westwind Preparatory Academy (Westwind Community School), of Phoenix, Arizona.  As such, all students enrolling in this program must compete a Westwind application and submit it along with a $200.00 application fee (which is included in the tuition and will be applied as such).  If the course is cancelled or the student not accepted, this fee will be returned to the student; if the student cancels after applying, this fee will only be returned if another student is substituted in his/her place.  Students are also expected to follow Westwind's student handbook, furnished when requested, while in attendance at Galapagos International Academy.

Once a student is accepted into the program, a deposit of $500.00 is required to secure the airline flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Galapagos (R/T).  This deposit is normally due 90 days in advance of the course and will only be refunded if the course is cancelled since the ticket will have already been purchased.  It is also included in the tuition cost of the course and will be applied against the total.  The final payment is due 60 days before the start of the course and is refundable only if another student can be found to take his/her place.  We will attempt to refunds that are not expended where possible, but highly recommend trip cancellation insurance be purchased to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances.

Students not in high school or not participating in the courses sponsored by Westwind Preparatory Academy are still bound by the same terms for payment, but do not need to submit an application to Westwind or adhere to their student handbook; please contact us for your short-form application.  Again, trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended for this trip for your protection.

Medical insurance is required by all participants in Galapagos International Academy courses.  It is automatically included in tuition fees for Westwind courses, it will be added to all other courses unless proof of coverage can be supplied.

All costs are included in the tuition fee except your flight from your home of record to Guayaquil, Ecuador (R/T), any airport exit fees, and National Park fees except where noted.  This typically includes housing, food, guides, local transportation, excursions, trips, local entrance fees (pier fee), and the R/T flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Galapagos.  If a hotel is needed after the course while awaiting further transportation from Guayaquil, it can be arranged but is not included in the published price. 

The staff is available to the students 24/7 on the trip.  The people you are working with now are the same ones that will be with your in Galapagos - there is no "middle man."  Your service will be very personal and we take pride in what we are doing in Galapagos.  We will do everything possible to make this your "trip of a life time!"

Students taking the Westwind Galapapagos International Academy course, or courses, should proceed to the application menu item, download the application posted there, and attach it to an email submitted to the Director or directly to Westwind Preparatory Academy.

Important note about your passport.  Your passport MUST NOT expire within 6 months of the end of this course.  If it does, you will be stopped at the gate by your airline or denied entrance to Ecuador.  This will cause a myriad of problems, resulting in you needing to get a new passport and new flights at possibly a considerable expense.  We will check every passport expiration date supplied to us, but it is your responsibility to supply us with the correct name, passport number, and expiration date, and to make sure you are not in violation of the 6 month rule.

Please contact us to check the prices for any course we offer. Please also go online to check other offerings which include the same benefits and additional excursions, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by our price and service.  If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please ask... we can make about anything happen for you in Galapagos!

Parents, please check out our Programs menu tab to see how you can enjoy a similar experience for your family!


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